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Route 2 - Evolène balconies
9 km 490 m 490 m
This itinerary with very varied terrains allows you to discover the east balcony of Evolène and the small typical villages of La Giette and Farquèses. After a first part with forest atmosphere, you will discover a more open alpine scenery at La Giette, discovering an exceptional panorama on mountains of the valley. At La Giette, you will discover "Yak shu lo ché", a yak farm, and its exhibition and sale of local handicrafts in the Yak winter stables.
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From Evolène, you quickly climb in the middle of alpine pastures. After 1 kilometer, the slope softens to offer beautiful single in the forest, pleasant and fun to run. After 2 km of itinerary, you will come to the small village of La Giette where you can discover a Nepalese atmosphere with the small shop of Yak. You will then join the hamlet of Farquèse by a road in the balcony before finding a small single in the forest to descend on Grand Boc then Les Haudères. At Les Haudères you will return as far as Evolène along the road to La Borgne by a balcony path, first in the woods and then in the middle of pastures.
Accum. Intermediary
Passage Description Alt. Dist. D+ D- Dist. D+ D-
Trace n°34897
Evolène (CH)
Marking : yes
Dominant terrain : Path
Maximal altitude : 1796 m
Minimal altitude : 1345 m
Longest ascent : 450 m
Longest descent : 470 m
Estimated duration : 1h10 - 2h20
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Là aussi, les conditions sont bonnes, dommage d'indiquer le trail comme "fermé ".
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