Monteynard Lake and footbridges
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This walk explores the banks of Lake Monteynard, and offers some outstanding views of Sénépy. The Himalayan footbridges, more than 80 metres above the Drac and the Ébron rivers, are two of the highlights of this circuit.

Hiking quality label
Route labeled FFRandonnée
The characteristics of the route.
Treffort (38)
  • Distance 12.4 km
  • Elevation gain 500 m
  • Elevation lost 500 m
  • Min. elevation 483 m
  • Max. elevation. 693 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 4h
  • Marking Yes
At Treffort cross the lake on one of the boats, either 'La Mira' or the 'Pass'Express'. At the Savel jetty, follow the road for 1km before taking the path that leads downhill towards "Le Pont". Take the track to the right towards "La Tourbe". When you reach the "La Tourbe", signpost, take the path on the right down to the impressive Drac footbridge. Follow the path on the right down to the "ruisseau des avalanches" signpost. The path then leads to "Les Horts" where the forest gives way to meadows, then continues uphill to the small plateau, where it meets the road leading to the hamlet of Villaranet. After walking 400m, take the path that rises to the left up to the ridge. Follow the road on the left for 70m, before turning off onto the downhill path on the right, which winds along a ridge, then down towards the Ébron footbridge. Cross the footbridge, then follow the gently rising path which then continues horizontally above Monteynard Lake, towards "Treffort le lac". Pass the sign marked "ruisseau Baraton" and Les Sagnes. Finally, follow the track, then the road, which goes through Herbelon and return to the starting point.Marking : Yellow markers ('PR', day hike route)Car park,

Delicate passages : Before setting off, remember to book your boat crossing on La Mira. (The trip takes 30 minutes.)

Tariff : Free access.

Opening : From 01/04 to 31/10. Subject to favorable weather.
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