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Sancerre Running
A little history

The Sancerre Running club was created in 2010, around Martial Quin and some runners from the Sancerrois. To develop the practice and to federate the various runners who live in the Sancerrois, such are the goals of the association.

A first General Assembly was held in January 2011, an office was set up, the name was created, Sancerre Running was born, the affiliation to the FFA was done in the wake.

Sancerre Running a club for everyone !

Sancerre Running wants above all, to be a club for all, whatever the level of each one, from the beginner to the competitor seasoned in short and long distances, even very long distances. We want everyone to feel at ease, to find other runners around them who have a passion for this sport and who like to share it in a spirit of conviviality.
Gathering runners and trailers, the club develops at the same time as the Trail de Sancerre. Actively participating in the organising committee since 2012, Sancerre Running created its own race in 2018 as part of the Telethon: the Corrida Sancerroise through the picturesque streets of the village of Sancerre at dusk.

In 2016, an athletics school was created for 12-16 year olds, supervised by Jean-Marc Colas, 1st degree FFA trainer, and a group of about twenty young people were quickly accepted to run, throw and jump.

In 2018, specific trail training was created to meet the growing demand for this sport which is developing year after year. Every Tuesday evening Cyril Caniou supervises a group of trail runners in order to progress and prepare for future events.

In 2019, a Nordic Walking section was created, supervised by Bastien Auger, firstly a BJEPS apprentice and then a development agent for the Cher Committee. There are now around twenty walkers who assiduously attend the Monday afternoon section.

Initiator of the Espace Trail in order to offer local people and runners training and discovery courses in the Pays-Fort, Val de Loire and Sancerrois area, Sancerre Running continues to develop.