Would you like to take up the challenge?
How to participate ?

  • Download the Besançon Grandes Heures Nature application : the challenges are available by clicking on the "Challenges" tile. If you want to be guided to the start of the course, in the "Details" tab of the course page, click on "Go to the start".
  • When you are near the course start, open the course page. On the "Challenge" tab, click "Go! As you pass by the start marker, your smartphone will interact directly with the marker to start the timer. As long as it is not started, the "Go!" button will blink. When the timer starts, your smartphone vibrates and plays a ringtone (remember to turn up the volume!). The next point to be validated will then flash; it will be displayed in green once validated. Put the smartphone in your bag and let's go!
  • Stopwatch : when you reach the last marker, the validation of your passage automatically stops the stopwatch. A last beep sounds and the last point changes color.
  • Recording your time : once your stopwatch is stopped, you just have to follow the instructions to publish your time and enter the ranking. You can also choose to share your time with your friends by email, SMS or on social networks. If you are in a zone without network connection, don't panic! Your Challenge will remain in memory until you publish it or reset it. You can close the application and reopen it later to publish your Challenge at home! You will then appear in the leaderboard. You also have a history of your times on this same page.

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