Parcours n°9 rouge - La Forêt de Malmort
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An historical route!
The route passes through remarkable natural spaces such as the Forest of Malmort which remained wild. You pass in front of the Mère-Eglise, 11th century chapel of Romanesque architecture, located in the town of Saint Disdier and classified Historical Monument since 1927. It is one of the oldest chapels of the Hautes-Alpes! The ruins of the Castle of Malmort are hung on a rocky peak above the farm of the same name. It is a construction of the 11th century, of which it remains only a wall.

The characteristics of the route.
Agnières-en-Dévoluy (05)
  • Distance 20.8 km
  • Elevation gain 890 m
  • Elevation lost 890 m
  • Min. elevation 1022 m
  • Max. elevation. 1466 m
  • Marking yes
The departure of the route is in front of the Tourist Office of the Joue du Loup. Go up the D17C on the boulevard du Loup towards Col de Rioupes. At the 3rd crossing, take the path parallel to the road. You will pass the Cloutas hut to reach the Rioupes pass.
At the Rioupes pass, turn right and then left onto the road. You will cross the plateau of Rioux by staying on this road. You will pass near the Puy de Rioupes 1480. At the 4th kilometer, you will begin a descent on a single in the Forest of Malmort . At point alt.1215, turn left and continue on a single to reach point alt.1068. Cut the D117 towards the "Mother Church" and continue on the D520 road to the "Cerise" bridge. After the bridge, take a single on the left along the river La Souloise towards St Disdier. At Saint Disdier, just in front of the Maison Verte, turn right up the staircase towards Mother Church then continue on the single towards Les Bas Gicons, which intersects the D520. At the point alt.1299, turn right and continue on the road D520 towards Les Hauts Gicons and join "Le Serre" towards the antenna. For about 3km, continue on the road in the direction of La Chastre and then take the road to the village Le Collet. At the Collet, turn right to join Les Martins.

Warning : km 15, delicate passage "Le Puits de Crève de Cœur"

Then, you will pass in the Puits des Bans. Continue on single and pass on a rock to cross the Souloise. Warning : technical apssage

You will reach the D117 road. Continue on the road and to the next pin, turn left to join the hamlet of Malmort. At the hamlet take twice on the right then continue on road about 500 meters before turning left and attack a long steep climb of 1km500 to reach the village of Rioupes where you can enjoy a fountain. You will come to a pin on the D17 road. Turn right and continue on the road for about 300 meters then turn left onto a path to reach point 1377. Continue on the road and then follow the road to La Joue du Loup.
Area : La Joue du Loup
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