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A lovely and easy hike in the alpine pasture. The track begins in forest and keeps going towar Sommier d'Aval. Open your eyes, landscapes are wonderful !

The characteristics of the route.
Le Reposoir ()
  • Distance 10.1 km
  • Elevation gain 740 m
  • Elevation lost 740 m
  • Min. elevation 1098 m
  • Max. elevation. 1778 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 4h05
  • Marking Yes

From La Lanche to Combe Marto: 1h45 The start is at the Reposoir in the La Lanche car park. Follow the marked path "Combe d’Oulette (1h30)". After a 40-minute walk, you arrive at Sommier d’Aval in front of the "Les Cabrettes" goat farm. Follow the path that continues, cross the stream and continue until the sign "Combe d'Oulette". Turn left following the direction “Combe Marto (0h15)”. The path continues to the chalet of Combe Marto. Admire the view of Sommier upstream and downstream and on the Col des Annes. From Combe Marto to Méry: 1 hour Continue on the path to Méry. Arrive at the Méry pasture, enjoy a well-deserved break, you can also buy cheese sold on the farm. From Méry to la Lanche: 1h20 Take the Méry Ouest and Le Vélard directions and descend to an altitude of 1300 m. To return to the Lanche car park, follow the "La Lanche" route.
Marking : Trail marked with directional posts (PDIPR)
Equipments : Car park, Free car park,

Admission fee : Free of charge. Guidebook on sale at the Tourist Office.

Opening : From June to November depending on weather conditions.
Area : Cluses Arve & Montagnes
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