Espace Histo Bus Dauphinois
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About thirty public buses, streetcars and private buses, which had all travelled across the roads of the department of Isère between 1932 et 1996, are exhibited at the Espace Histo Bus Grenoblois. We also can see there buses' Diesel engines and gearboxes of the same period.
Let's plunge into the history of the Dauphiné's public transports!

This place is one of the very first French museums dedicated to streetcars, buses, trolleybuses and private buses.

The Espace Histo Bus is made of:
> 35 vehicles: buses, streetcars and private buses that had been driven from 1939 to 1996
> Some former and modern engines and gearboxes, with models
> A room dedicated to the Train de la Mure: a great model representing the key places by which the line had to pass, and the giant diorama of a train engine
> Information about local builders and designers (Belle-Clot, Berliet, Saviem)

Period of opening : From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.

Prices : Free of charge.

Area : Grenoble-Alpes Métropole
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