Arselle Peatbog (Preserved Natural Area)
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The site is composed of the catchment area of Lake Achard, as well as the valley and the vast peaty plateau of Arselle, which are crossed by the Salinière stream. This site has been included in the Natura 2000 (Europe) and ENS* (Department) networks.
Because of the peat bog that makes up the plateau, and its landscape, botanical and faunistic interest, the Arselle plateau is a natural area protected by an arrêté préfectoral de protection de biotope since 2019. The aim of this decree is to preserve the site and the plant and animal species present.
This peat bog is of a particular type, as it forms on acidic soils. Few plant species can colonize this environment (e.g. sphagnum moss, cattail and common butterwort). Droséra and Grassette are carnivorous species. These flowers feed on insects that provide them with the nitrogen they can't find in this poor soil. They capture the insects and digest them using enzymes contained in the viscous droplets they secrete.

Similarly, the forest, wetland and rocky habitats in the Lac Achard watershed and in the Vallon de la Salinière are home to a wealth of heritage flora and fauna, which led to an extension of the ENS perimeter, in order to preserve them in the face of increasing visitor numbers.

The site is home to many protected species: the Arctic cordillera (dragonfly), Vandeli's androsacea (flower), Frog orchid, Alpine newt (amphibian), Bearded vulture (bird), Alpine ibex, Schreibers miniopter (bat), and more.

Take to the trails to discover these rare and sensitive environments, accompanied by local guides: Bureau des Guides de Chamrousse and Belledonne en marche.

? Please note: burning, camping, fishing and swimming are strictly forbidden (under penalty of fine). Bivouacs are permitted on Lac Achard from sunset to sunrise (except from early May to late October + Infernet area) and strictly forbidden on the Arselle plateau. Please stay on the paths to preserve the fragile environment (the Arselle peat bog is classified as an APPB - Arrêtés Préfectoraux de Protection Biotope - and it is forbidden to go onto the plateau off the path).

Animal are allowed on a leash
Area : Grésivaudan
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