Route 6 red - Puy de Seycheuse
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Route closed

This loop of 30km will take you to the heights of Murat and the valley of Alagnon by offering you magnificent views of the massif. You will start at Laveissière, join La Roche Percée before taking the ridges to join the Puy de Seycheuse, alternating single tracks and largest tracks. Take the time to stop and admire the scenery. The panorama is magnificent! The rest of the course is very fluid and allows you to work the rhythm after the accumulated elevation. A very demanding course, reserved for experienced trail-runners.

ForestMonts du CantalHeritagePoint of view
The characteristics of the route.
Laveissière (15)
  • Distance 31.8 km
  • Elevation gain 1480 m
  • Elevation lost 1470 m
  • Min. elevation 878 m
  • Max. elevation. 1650 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 3h30 à 7h
  • Marking n°6 red
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