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In addition to trail running, the Forez mountains offer a wide variety of activities every season for everyone, from beginners to experts sportsmen and women.

For orienteering, 2 areas have been created and are accessible to families, in Usson-en-Forez and La-Chapelle-en-Lafaye/Montarcher. It's up to you to find the markers scattered in the forest, with the help of your map available in the tourist information offices.

Mountain bikers have two areas to explore : 450 km of marked routes in the south in the St-Bonnet-le-Château sector, and 246 km of marked routes in the Chalmazel/Loge Pass sector as part of the Bois Noirs VTT-FFC area, which covers three departments and has a total of 1300 km of marked trails!

At an altitude of 1,253 m, at the Col de la Loge, 78 km of cross-country ski trails and 40 km of snowshoe trails await lovers of Nordic activities. Dog sled rides are possible with or without snow with karts on wheels, sensations guaranteed! Electrically assisted mountain bike hire is available on site, but also in Chalmazel/Jeansagnière and Usson-en-Forez.

In St-Just-St-Rambert, the leisure centre on the riverbank of the Loire offers canoeing, archery and all-terrain electric trotinettes.

Finally, a network of more than 3,000 km of hiking trails is available to you: short hiking trails (PR), GR3 on the crests and the Hautes Chaumes, Natura 2000 zone, the GR89 (Chemin de Montaigne) without forgetting the Way of St. James (GR 765), which arrives from Cluny and Lyon on our territory and leaves again in the south in the direction of the Haute-Loire.

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