Sports Nature Grand Sancerrois - Privacy and cookies

Registration for Sports Nature Grand Sancerrois - only requires an email address, an identifier and a password (the password is encrypted in the database). The account created is common to the Trace de Trail website maintained by the company Yoomigo.
Your email address can be used in these cases: Your email address will never be disclosed or sold to a third party and only Trail Trace can use it for the reasons outlined above.
If you wish to delete your Sports Nature Grand Sancerrois account, simply request it by email at the following address: We will delete your account and all your personal data as soon as possible (and at the latest within a month).
If you use your Facebook account to login on Sports Nature Grand Sancerrois, we will only retrieve your email address, your profile image and your first and last names used to create your username.
Your IP address is anonymized before being stored in a database and used as part of your user session.
If you purchase a Trace de Trail subscription, we will keep your name, first name and country in order to establish the corresponding invoice.
If you use Trail Connect's live tracking, and only in this particular case, your geographic locations are stored in the database for up to 10 days and used only for this feature. No other exploitation of your location is performed.
When you activate the GPS of your smartphone, completely anonymous positions are stored for statistical purposes (study of trail frequentation).
Yoomigo will never give away to a third party the personal data it collects.
In order to send you notifications in our mobile applications, we use the OneSignal platform. You can view the OneSignal Privacy Policy by following this link.
Yoomigo uses the Matomo tool to track website traffic. The configuration of Matomo is in conformity with the recommendations of the CNIL in order to respect the RGPD.
The advertising is very limited on Trace de Trail and only concerns partner companies or organizations of competitions on the theme of outdoor sport.
This advertising is fully managed by Trace de Trail and we do not work with any advertising agencies.
We do not perform any tracking to modify the advertisements that are displayed to you.
We use cookies and the LocalStorage API only to improve your user experience (user session) and to measure the audience of our website and to analyze peak traffic.