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20 route inside Val d'Hérens valley

Le Val d'Hérens vous propose 20 itinéraires de trail pour vous entrainer et découvrir la vallée, ses sommets, son patrimoine.Au départ d'un des 7 villages de la vallée, les itinéraires sont identifiés par niveau de difficulté matérialisés par une couleur :

  • vert : niveau facile
  • bleu : intermédiaire
  • rouge : difficile
  • noir : expert

Le Val d'Hérens vous propose différents types de parcours :

  • Rando-trail : parcours de trail classique alternant des montées et des descentes sur des sentiers/chemins
  • Verticale : parcours de trail sur sentiers/chemins constitué d'une unique montée
  • Itinérance : parcours à réaliser sur plusieurs jours avec des hébergements disponibles à chaque étape (refuge, gîte...)
  • Défitrail : parcours de trail chronométré grâce à des balises bluetooth qui interagissent avec votre smartphone
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Before your run :

  • Check the weather forecast before you leave, the itineraries can be dangerous in case of bad weather
  • Find out about the state of the route before you leave
  • Inform someone close to you of your itinerary and the planned timetables
  • Take water and food and drink

On the routes :

  • Please respect the natural and agricultural environments you pass through
  • Close the barriers after you have passed through
  • Stay on the paths and do not cut the laces
  • All parts of the route using public roads are subject to the Highway Code please make sure that you observe them
  • Keep all your rubbish with you
Marking signs - trail-running routes

To orient you during your run, routes of Alpes Trail Val d'Hérens are equipped with trail directional markers. Each marker is printed with the number(s) of the itinerary(s) to be followed with their colour of difficulty (green - blue - red - black) or their particularity (orange = vertical).

The trail-running markers are placed in a regular way, at each directional change. Between two trail directional markers, follow the existing hiking markers.

A problem ? Report it !

A problem ? Report it ! In the event of problem (lack of markings, maintenance problems, environmental problems...), do not hesitate to signal this problem by using the reporting tool available on the route page, on the website (button under the map) or in the mobile app. You will be able to geolocate the problem and also send a corresponding photo. The Espace manager will be automatically notified of your report and will be able to check and deal with the problem.

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Route 1 - Chapel Saint Christophe
8.6km 370m 370m
Route closed
Route 2 - Evolène balconies
9.8km 510m 520m
Route closed
Route 3 - Through Les Rocs
11.5km 500m 500m
Route closed
Route 4 - La Borgne d'Arolla
13km 160m 800m
Route closed
Route 5 - Along the Val d'Arolla
15.4km 1240m 610m
Route closed
Route 6 - Au plus proche des cols
18.6km 990m 990m
Route closed
Route 8 - Aiguilles Rouges's hut
33.7km 2000m 2000m
Route closed
Route 12 - Le Tour des Crêtes de Thyon
12.2km 780m 780m
Route closed
Route 13 - Bramois - Euseigne - Vex
21km 1000m 1000m
Route closed
Route 14 - Hérémence - Thyon - Mont Rouge
23.3km 1310m 1310m
Route closed
Route 15 - Tour du Pic d'Artsinol
22.7km 1310m 1310m
Route closed
Route 16 - Nax - Vernamiège
11.9km 640m 640m
Route closed
Route 17 - Mase - Tour du Mont Noble
20.9km 1400m 1400m
Route 18 - Saint Martin - Pont de Riva
15.7km 1030m 1030m
Route closed
Route 19 - Saint Martin - Becs de Bosson
30.9km 2170m 2170m
Route opened
Route 20 - Trail Thyon - Dixence
16.3km 770m 510m
Route closed