Les enclos : Churchyards of special architectural interest
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In Brittany, our religious monuments are unlike any others in the world. They remind us of the religious ferver in times gone by. Saint-Thégonnec, Plounéour-Menez, Saint-Jean-du-Doigt... follow a trail through these towns that will lead from the sea to the mountains.

Each parrish church consisted of the church itself, ans usually a stone cross monument, an ossuary (bone house), a graveyard and a triumphal entrance. The architectural grandness reminds modern admirers of a successful and prosperous region. The lively imagination of local craftspeople and the rivalry between neighbouring parishes at time came together to inspire these astounding works of  sacred architecture : multi-coloured sculptures, dazzling stained-glass windows, stone cross monuments and even books craved from stone - all of wich helped to inspire faith by evoking paradise end The Passion. 

Morlaix Linen was famous throughout Europe ans was highly profitable - the merchants and traders who reaped the benefits helped to finance these incredible and enduring religious monuments right through to the end of the 17th century.

Using the parrish Church of Saint-Thégonnec as an example, find out why these churches and churchyards have become so fascinating to artists, historians and sociologistes alike ... 

Advices : For advices, the Tourist Office of Saint-Thégonnec, open to April from october, welcomes you and guides you to discover the village of Saint Thégonnec, its history around linen and its unusual heritage, such as a Kanndi, houses to bleach  linen fiber, wich you can discover along the many pathways.

Area : Baie de Morlaix
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