Frange Verte - Le Saut du Moine
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Route n°2 : This is the ideal itinerary for anyone trying to increase their distance over a moderate elevation gain. The Jarrie-Champagnier plateau offers a natural, rural setting.

Animal are allowed on a leashMarked route
The characteristics of the route.
Échirolles (38)
  • Distance 15.7 km
  • Elevation gain 430 m
  • Elevation lost 430 m
  • Min. elevation 231 m
  • Max. elevation. 430 m
  • Marking Yes
The Saut du Moine offers a different angle on the confluence of the Rivers Drac and Romanche as well as the Taillefer and Oisans mountain ranges. This is almost high-altitude running.
You'll find water at the Frange Verte Park departure point, Le Plâtre and Le Charbonnaux
Marking : Blue trail markers The routes follow the hiking network and Trail markers are affixed to the directional posts. In addition to the speci?c Trail signposting, you can orientate yourself by following the directions and markers on the ground.

Admission fee : Free access.

Opening : All year round.
Read before you go!
The calculation of the dif?culty of each course takes into account the length, the positive vertical drop, the greatest continuous positive or negative vertical drop as well as the technicality of the terrain.
Area : Grenoble-Alpes Métropole
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