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Our shuttle service operates every summer to bring you aloft throughout the Louron valley. 9-seater minibus, equipped with an approved bicycle trailer, we invite you to discover the best spots in the valley, in addition to the SKYVALL gondola and the PRIVILEGE (Peyragudes) and MYRTILLES (Val Louron) chairlifts.

2 products offered:

  • Shuttle Loudenvielle - Val Louron: for a drop-off at the Val Louron station or at the Col d'Azet, for direct access to the LAPADE / DOLMENS / TOURTERE / NABIAS enduro tracks, paragliding takeoffs, trails and hikes to the peak of Sarrouyes.
  • Enduro valley tour: we offer you for the day or half a day, a real tour of the best enduro tracks in the valley. We will take you by minibus to the start of each special at altitude to pick you up there. Thus, you can benefit from a maximum descent ... up to 5500 m of vertical drop in the day!

Prices :

- Climb Val-Louron: 5 € the climb. Departure from the paragliding landing car park.

- Enduro MTB tour: € 20 for half a day, € 35 for the day. Departure from the Loudenvielle mountain bike starting point, opposite the Pene Blanche campsite.

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