Route 4 green - Puy de Chiroux
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Course lit by night markers
This circuit, perfectly adapted to beginner trail runners, will lead you, for the most part, on broad and relatively easy-going paths. You will discover a section of the Chabrières forest, and in particular the Chabrières Arboretum, as well as the ‘Puy de Chiroux’ - the Monts de Guéret summit.

The characteristics of the route.
Saint-Christophe (23)
  • Distance 7.8 km
  • Elevation gain 190 m
  • Elevation lost 190 m
  • Min. elevation 591 m
  • Max. elevation. 688 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 0h45 - 1h35
  • Marking yes (special for night)
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