Les 3 becs throught the Grande Combe
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Classic run with a 360° panorama at the top.

By Violaine L.

The characteristics of the route.
Saint-Sauveur-en-Diois (26)
  • Distance 20.3 km
  • Elevation gain 1430 m
  • Elevation lost 1430 m
  • Min. elevation 464 m
  • Max. elevation. 1571 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 2h à 3h

- Departure from the Auberge des Dauphins, take the straight path that indicates Pas de Siarra.

- At the pas de Siarra, you can do the 3 summits and then return to the pré de l'ane bend.

- You can either go back down the valley you came up through or take the longer but more comfortable track (towards the Bergerie du Bois Vert, Porte de Bary, Refuge des Princes).

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