Route 5 - Along the Val d'Arolla
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This route will take you to the bottom of the Val d'Hérens, in the heart of the Arolla valley in an alpine and exotic environment. After a fairly steep first part to reach the Mayens de la Niva (3.3 km), you will be on a hilly itinerary in the middle of the alpine pastures with a magnificient view on summits around. You will discover along the way the Lac Bleu, one of the jewels of the valley. At the end of your itinerary, you will have the possibility to return to Evolène by route n°4 or by taking the Car Postal bus.
Les caractéristiques du parcours
Evolène (CH)
  • Distance 15.9 km
  • Dénivelé positif 1250 m
  • Dénivelé positif 1250 m
  • Altitude min. 1346 m
  • Altitude max. 2302 m
  • Durée (selon allure) 3h - 5h
  • Balisage yes
From Evolène, you quickly climb in the middle of alpine pastures. After 1 kilometer, the slope softens to offer beautiful single in the forest, pleasant and fun to run. You will join the Mayens de la Niva, which marks the beginning of the Alpine part of the course. You will then join the Alpage de l'Etoile by a wide track, offering an exceptional panorama on the Dent Blanche. The trail will then leave a path to the Blue Lake where you will enjoy a refreshing break. The last part of the route will continue on a trail route, but with more exposed areas where cautiousness will be required, especially in case of slippery ground. At Lac Bleu, you will have the possibility to go down to La Gouille or Satarma if you prefer to shorten your exit.
Area : Evolène
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