Foulée Jacquemarde - Terre de Jeux 2024
2022 November 11 - Event
Within the lighted Taninges heritage

Participate to the Foulee Jacquemarde - Terre de Jeux 2024 to discover Praz de Lys Sommand Territoire de Trail on November the 19.

3 km of running without timer by night are waiting for you within the lighted Taninges heritage. 

What's planned

  • Warm-up from 5:40 pm, accompanied by the Batterie Fanfare of Taninges Les Gets
  • Start at 6 pm on the market square of the old village
  • Concert at the heart of the old village at the end of the race, around 7 pm
  • Soup, hot wine and hot chocolate at the finish line ! 

Run fast to sign up, at the tourist office : 04 50 34 25 05 /  

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