Trail du Loup Blanc
2022 November 29 - Event
Espace Trail des Monts de Guéret

The Trail du Loup Blanc is back in 2022 with an original format : in addition to the traditional races, discover the Festival du Loup Blanc in December, from the 6 to the 11st on the Espace Trail des Monts du Guéret

After 15 years of evolution and more than 15 000 runners welcomed in the paths of Monts de Guéret, the Trail du Loup Blanc decided to renew and to open to a new public. So, you will be able to participate to the 1st Festival of Trail du Loup Blanc from the 6 to the 11st of December. In addition to the traditional races (15, 23, 30 and 48km), you will have the opportunity to listen to conferences, to watch the Nature Trail Film Festival, to see a Philippe Propage conference, to discover trail for the youngers of UNSS and many more surprises ! 

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