Lisula app moves from trailrunning to outdoor !
2024 February 29 - It's new
Discover new routes in Lisula Outdoor

Lisula: a unique outdoor destination that awakens the senses

For walking enthusiasts, 350 km of trails wind through a variety of landscapes, from the seaside to the mountain valleys of the Ghjunsani. From loops accessible to everyone to the most demanding routes, our trails reveal the hidden treasures of Balagne and its rich natural and cultural heritage.

Cycling enthusiasts will find their paradise in our Espace VTT-FFC. From the steep seaside paths to the more technical forest trails, mountain biking at Lisula is an adventure for all levels. Cycling enthusiasts can explore the Intense routes revealing the charms of the inland villages. Every kilometre promises a captivating discovery.

Thrill-seeking runners can have fun and challenge themselves on our Trail Area, with routes designed for beginners or those who want to take on a challenge, such as the KV of Feliceto, with breathtaking views as the reward. Lisula is much more than a destination, it's a whole experience where nature, sport and authenticity come together to create unforgettable memories. Get ready for adventure in the heart of wild and unspoilt Corsica.

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