Route 7 blue - Sainte Feyre Woods
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Starting out from "Les Loups de Chabrières" (The Chabrières Wolves) animal park, this circuit will allow you to discover, over varying paths, a less crowded part of the Monts de Guéret forests. The first five kilometres of this circuit take place in the Chabrières forest on a rather straightforward section of the course, before reaching Peyrabout. From here, the profile of the course changes radically, taking you through several small valleys, full of springs and streams...

CampaignForestIdeal for training
The characteristics of the route.
Sainte-Feyre (23)
  • Distance 17.4 km
  • Elevation gain 530 m
  • Elevation lost 530 m
  • Min. elevation 473 m
  • Max. elevation. 661 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 1h50 - 3h50
  • Marking yes
Area : Chabrières
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