Rando & Trail en Caux Seine
2021 August 1 - In the headlines
Opening of the Espace Trail
The Espace Trail
Between the Seine and the Sea, Caux Seine Normandie Tourisme offers you 8 trail routes spread over 155 kilometres of marked out and undulating paths starting from the Valasse Abbey and the former pilot's house in Villequier.
Discover a Seine valley that is anything but a long, quiet river for those of you who love effort and sensations! A Seine with panoramas as impressionistic as they are impressive, with unique lights. From the Maison des Pilotes or the Abbaye de Valasse, sporting pleasure is guaranteed but so is the pleasure of the eyes with the help of a generous nature and rare, precious and endearing sites.
The other activities
Here, in Caux Seine, between the Seine and the sea, you can also discover 18 hiking routes, 8 mountain bike routes, 2 cycling routes and 6 horseback riding routes.
It's up to you to choose your activity according to your tastes and level of practice. From chapel to castle, from clos-masure to thatched cottage, from panoramas to forests with centuries-old oaks... you will also come across some sea giants passing by on the Seine.
Walk, hike, gambol, in the footsteps of Victor Hugo or Arsène Lupin... Taste a newfound freedom in this warm and welcoming corner of Normandy. Gourmet too! Because after the effort, the comfort! You are in the country of apples, camembert, cider, butter and cream... Normandy is also a land. Local producers and restaurateurs are there to make your stay as greedy as it is restorative.
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