Useful infos
Marking signs to follow

To orient you during your run, routes of the Espace Trail Île Rousse - Balagne are equipped with trail directional markers. Each marker is printed with the number(s) of the itinerary(s) to be followed with their colour of difficulty (green - blue - red - black) or their particularity (orange = vertical).

The trail markers are placed in a regular way, at each directional change.

A marking problem ? Report it !

In the event of problem (lack of markings, maintenance problems, environmental problems...), do not hesitate to signal this problem by using the reporting tool available on the route page, on the website (button under the map) or in the mobile app. You will be able to geolocate the problem and also send a corresponding photo. The Espace manager will be automatically notified of your report and will be able to check and deal with the problem.


Safety and fun : our priority

Plan your next outdoor trip carefully.

Safety first : I share my itinerary and planned times with someone close to me for shared peace of mind. I use our mobile app to check the condition of the route before I set off

Check your equipment : make sure it's in good condition and suitable for the activity you're undertaking.

Weather conditions : I check the weather forecast to prepare and make the most of my trip. Routes can be dangerous in bad weather

Hydratation is essential : jI need to carry enough water. Some of the stages in the villages allow you to stop at a bar or café for refreshment, but most of the fountains in the hinterland do not have drinking water and there are no water points in the Agriate region. You should also take some food with you.

Fire danger : During periods of strong wind, it is advisable to stay off the country roads. The macchia can catch fire quickly. The risk is highest from mid-June to mid-September. Before setting off, consult the Corsican Prefecture's fire risk map (see fire risk news).

All sections of the route on public roads are subject to the Highway Code. Make sure you obey them.

On the paths: enjoy while preserving

Gates and fences: I make sure I close the gates on the paths to respect private land and pastures.

Respect for nature: I respect the environment by not leaving rubbish on the paths. I will sort it out on my way home. I stay on the paths and respect the natural and agricultural environment I pass through.

Pets: If I walk with a dog, I make sure it doesn't go near the herds. I may even keep it on a lead to avoid any incidents.

CHunting: During the hunting season, especially when wild boar are hunted from mid-August to May, I have to be vigilant. If a hunt is in progress, I take the time to talk to the hunters to ensure everyone's safety.

Approaching animals: I walk around herds or let them pass. If I see wild animals, I admire them from a distance to preserve their natural habitat.

Protected areas: preserving natural treasures

Tartagine Melaghja forest in Ghjunsani (Natura 2000 site): I respect the rules to protect nature in these exceptional forests.

Vallée du Reginu (Natura 2000 site): I admire the biodiversity while respecting the restrictions to preserve this unique but fragile ecosystem, where the red kite has flourished for many years.

The Agriate (Conservatoire du Littoral): protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral, the Agriate is a natural jewel. I follow the recommended itineraries and do not bivouac or light fires. Losari (Conservatoire du Littoral): I explore the uncontaminated beauty of Losari, following the recommended itineraries and avoiding any disturbance to the flora and fauna. Ostriconi: I contribute to the preservation of this fragile ecosystem by avoiding any behaviour likely to disturb the flora and fauna.