Trail 5 - Californie
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This trail is of medium difficulty (blue/ 6.67 km/167 metres of inclines), forming a circuit leaving from Boulevard de la Croisette and taking in the famous Californie district. The trail features an uphill section leading to the exquisite villas overlooking the eastern part of the city and a downhill section along Boulevard de la République and Rue d’Antibes.

The characteristics of the route.
Cannes (06)
  • Distance 6.6 km
  • Elevation gain 120 m
  • Elevation lost 120 m
  • Min. elevation 1 m
  • Max. elevation. 103 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 0h40 - 1h20
  • Marking Yes
Leaving from the start point of Trail 1 along Boulevard de la Croisette, near the Hotel Carlton, go down Rue François Einesy, Rue du Médecin-Lieutenant Bertrand Lépine and then Avenue du Général Ferrié before taking Rue Latour-Maubourg in the direction of the Général Maubert roundabout.
Go to Boulevard d’Alsace by crossing the pedestrian crossing over the expressway. Turn right onto Boulevard de Strasbourg. Follow Trail 5 along Rue de Turckheim (<-> liaison with Trail 5) and the Traverse Beauséjour before taking the pedestrian crossing at Parc Montfleury between the tennis courts and the swimming pool.
Go up the steps to the Montfleury swimming pool, at the end of the park, and you arrive at Avenue Beauséjour (<-> liaison with Trail 3). Continue along Trail 5 on Boulevard Montfleury. Rejoin Avenue Isola Bella and continue along the avenue, before turning left at the intersection with Avenue Fiesole.
You then arrive at Avenue de Vallauris and the uphill section, to the left, along Avenue Sole Mio. Continue along Avenue Renoir and you come to a downhill section, on the left, along Boulevard d’Oxford (<-> liaison with Trail 6). Continue to the left along Boulevard d’Oxford.
You arrive at the Arbre Centenaire roundabout, where you turn left into Avenue d’Annam. Then follow Avenue du Prince de Galles as far as the start of Boulevard de la République. Continue along Boulevard de la République and pass close to Place du Commandant Maria, cross the expressway and then turn left onto Rue d’Antibes.
Cross Rue Teisseire and go down Rue du Commandant André to reach the end of the Trail on Boulevard de la Croisette.
Area : Cannes Sports
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