Trail 4 - Canal de la Siagne
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This is an easy (green) trail, with 2.80 km along the Canal de la Siagne footpath in a wooded setting where you can see the former funicular track of the Cannes Observatory. This itinerary includes several water-supply points and will delight beginners or expert joggers, as well as hikers in search of green spaces and remarkable panoramas.

The characteristics of the route.
Cannes (06)
  • Distance 2.8 km
  • Elevation gain 30 m
  • Elevation lost 30 m
  • Min. elevation 157 m
  • Max. elevation. 167 m
  • Duration (depending on pace) 15 - 35 min
  • Marking Yes
Leaving from the Canal de la Siagne panorama, follow the tree-lined path through the forests of eucalyptus, mimosas and cork oak trees. Cross Boulevard Beausoleil to rejoin the path running alongside Boulevard Emmanuel Bellini. Go down a few steps near the water-supply point and cross Avenue de Vallauris to rejoin the path. Then cross the old Chemin de Vallauris, continue along the path to the outskirts of the town of Le Cannet, where you will see an open-air fitness area at the intersection with Avenue Ziem, the start point for Trail 6.
Area : Cannes Sports
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