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WW Coaching advices
Monthly sessions to discover on the trails

David and Julien, co-founders of WWCoaching, are 2 health professionals and trail coaches in Flanders. They have designed original sessions to help you reach your goals and push back your limits, whether on the circuits in our application or on the fearsome Ogresse climb..

Circuit sessions

Each month, find carefully planned sessions to optimise your performance and boost your progress. Each session is designed to meet the specific physiological needs of runners, taking into account the principles of training. Let yourself be guided by the coaches, who will give you details of the outing (duration and methods), the objectives you are aiming for and advice on how to carry out the session.


Specific sessions on the Ogresse workshop

Get ready for the dreaded Ogresse climb, where you'll focus on muscle strengthening, mobility and proprioception. This demanding environment will test your mental and physical endurance, while enabling you to develop the skills essential for overcoming difficult terrain (D+).

  • Muscular strengthening: Targeted, specific exercises will help you develop the resilient muscles essential for tackling steep slopes and uneven terrain.
  • Mobility and proprioception: By working on joint mobility and body awareness, you'll improve your agility, balance and coordination - crucial skills for tackling the most demanding terrain with confidence.
  • Hill work : Our coaches will guide you in the art of climbing hills efficiently, providing you with ascent and descent techniques, as well as effort management strategies to maximise your performance.